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Edit:   We had! excellent trading threads by Stocko resident MIchael Taylor and top contributor & YouTube star Jack Corsellis, so maybe a separate one for us amateurs to prevent clutter is the way to go?   Hopefully they'll drop by here from time to time too - if enough people show some interest!

Goal:   Help traders & investors  make money.

Thread Rules:

1)   All ideas are ideas only, use at your own risk.

2)  All posts must include a chart, plan/thesis for trade - ideally a bit of fundamentals are good.

3) Wedges, Cup & Handles, Breakouts, Breakdowns, whatever you like!

4) Entry/Price Targets are preferred but optional.

5) All markets welcome, UK / US / EU jurisdictions preferred!

6) Indication of timescale for the trade/investment is also preferred  but not necessary, each to their own, everyone must form their own trading plans 

7) Constructive criticism in post analysis of previous trades posted is welcomed!  

8) Stocko rules on any Personal Holdings or CFD interest in stocks/trades posted must be followed, positions must be declared!

9) Replies should remain friendly at all times!


Note:   To see charts in the comments in full, right click then 'open image in new tab'.

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