While gold price weakness in the near term is likely, well-managed miners look set to reap the benefits of a price expected to break the $1,300 mark. Aamer Nawid at Fat Prophets analyses three different miners - Petropavlovsk (LON:POG), Solomon Gold (LON:SOLG), and Medusa Mining (LON:MML).

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Hello, welcome to Company Focus. My name is Aamer Nawid, I'm an analyst at Fat Profits. This week I'm going to be doing a bit of a gold roundup. I'm going to be looking at three different gold companies at different stages of their business life. Two mature produces - Petropavlovsk and Medusa Mining - and I'm also going to look and assess the sustainability of the dramatic share price rise this week of Solomon Gold, a relatively unknown AIM-listed company who's seen its share price double on the back of an exploration update. So far this week no great prizes for guessing what the main is - the price of gold reaching record highs. Regular viewing will be aware that I've been banging the gold drum for quite some time, so no great surprise from my perspective....

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