Highlights from my Portfolio:

Avanti Communications Group Plc (LON:AVN) hurt today but if the launch goes well tomorrow I'm pretty sure the price will recover. It's a risk but given the satellite is fully insured I'm pragmatic. I didn't add today but I'm still massively in profit and happy to cross everything and wait.

Carclo (LON:CAR) attempts £2. Oh come on, get on with it.

£GCL (come on stocopedia, add it to your list of tickers) rises nicely. Uranium mantra, you've heard it before.

Jubilee Platinum (LON:JLP) AGM tomorrow and I shall go. I added at 127. I am reasonably sure that at some point the market will understand the Conroast process and JLP will be re-rated but for now it is very very frustrating.

National Grid (LON:NG.) did retrace from £6. Big numberitis.....I should have traded it. The chart is increasingly bearish but I will wait for one more signal before letting go.

Orosur Mining (LON:OMI) made another assault today. Do I stay or do I go. I shall do a modest amount of research tonight and make a decision tomorrow.

Senior (LON:SNR) went up, making my decision to buy back yesterday a good one. I suppose it is being swept up on the RR. news. Whatever happens with sentiment, given the order lead times, not much can happen to dent profits this financial year.

Weatherly International (LON:WTI) continues to rise. Nice. On second thoughts, make that very nice.

Gold marks time and will probably continue to do so until the US back from Thanksgiving break.

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