Highlights from my Portfolio:

I am being whipsawed on some of my gold stocks but given the price of gold is struggling to make headway, this is not unexpected. I have settled on a fundamental view and, although I will be guided by the chart, it is my belief that the US will continue to devalue the dollar and that China will continue to buy gold to hedge its billions of dollars. That makes gold a buy on fundamentals. The chart remains broadly bullish.

Alliance Pharma (LON:APH) regained the fall from yesterday, I sometimes wonder whether the market makers just need to remind us who is in charge!

Avanti Communications Group Plc (LON:AVN) remains around £6 but they are capturing more contracts. The launch date is 25th November, what could possibly go wrong!

Carclo (LON:CAR) was a star of the day. I'm not sure why but with my first position quickly approaching 40% and with nothing much on the chart to stop it, I imagine we will get back to previous highs of 320p at some point. 200 might be a sticking point, it all depends what's driving this rise.

Kryso Resources (LON:KYS) announced that Natasa has sold their holding at 15p. That gets rid of one of the main reasons for me not wanting to hold the shares and I bought back half my holding at 16p. Since I sold higher that is a gain for me.

Medusa Mining (LON:MML) went up after I sold it and I didn't buy back fast enough. I put that right today and put them back in my ISA.

Northern Petroleum (LON:NOP) despite having some interesting assets, NOP has been a serial disappointer. There's always something that goes wrong and right now the price is perhaps lower than it could be due to uncertainty ver the 5-12 mile Italian coast drilling ban. Last night, Derek Musgrove gave good account of how they are affected and I felt reassured. They are now back in…

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