Highlights from my portfolio:

Alliance Pharma (LON:APH) continues to drift and I am starting to regret holding. The chart is a clear sell, so I should be out but I see this as a cash cow and given the beauty of the chart since 2009 and the absense of bad news. I continue to hold.

Avanti Communications Group Plc (LON:AVN) gave us news of a small contract with BT. The market took it badly and sold off, only to recover for a flat day. Beats me. I added at 715p.

Carclo (LON:CAR) returned to 200p. It could make you weep but I continue to hold as I think 2011 will be a good year.

Devro (LON:DVO) was a bit ugly today but I still think austerity and sausages go hand in hand! The chart is fine, I am happy to hold.

Elektron (LON:EKT) ticks up.

Monitise Plc (LON:MONI) continues to drive me nuts. I would love to be shot of it but the moment I sell it will go back to 24p. It just needs to start making money. How far off can that be. I will hold with a stop of 18p.

RUG (TSX) continues upwards. I hold from 85cents; so far so good.

Senior (LON:SNR) was horrible today. It seems to be trading a 130-150 range. I will add at 130.

UEC continues nicely.

Weatherly International (LON:WTI) had a nice day. Didn't close at high but still going upwards.

Gold had a big up day but only a close above 1425 negates my h&s idea. There was much amusement at that at Mines & Money conference today. I have never seen so many gold bulls in one place at one time. $1500-$2000 is the most talked about range. Nothing to do but wait. I remain long gold miners above the $1340 area…

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