Having read the IC 2 weeks ago about the effects of a hot British summer on the travel industry ,once again the fastest growing company was ignored.
Why ? Is it because DART is based in the north?
In under 10 years they have taken 25% of the package holiday market and are the no2 in the uk.
Last summer the figure went from 1.7m to 2.5 m and I estimate a further 25% rise to 3 million in summer 18.
The company has done very well for its stock holders but negative comments seem to continue.
Why? Well I think nobody understands them. The company do not pay for the shares to be promoted rather delivering outstanding results.
The current year end this month and by next summer the fleet of mainly owed aircraft will be over 100.
The founder still owns 35% and the balance sheet is strong.
Unlike Easy jet Jet 2 only fly to and from the UK and this will not create any problems post BREXIT.
Anyone have an other opinion?


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