Dash for December >20%......

Thursday, Nov 29 2012 by

Glad Xmas and New Year will soon be upon us. Could do with a few oil/gas discoveries to lift the mood of the market......

For the December 2012 “>20%” monthly oil stock competitions, which oil stocks will have the greatest move for

(i) >20% gain?
(ii) >20% loss?

You may enter two stocks, one for (i) and one for (ii). More than one person may enter the same stock. The deadline for the December competition is midnight on Sunday 2 December 2012. Results will be posted on this thread asap after the December month end.

Good luck!!!!!


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tournesol 29th Nov '12 1 of 14

GKP up as the outcome on the court case becomes ever more obvious

BEH down when the suspension is ended and the new/merged entity starts trading under the BEH ticker (is that allowed as a choice?)

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Elias Jones 29th Nov '12 2 of 14

Leyshon Resources for the 20% up for me, first well seems a success in the prolific Ordos Basin and the second is about to spud.

No down

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fuiseog 29th Nov '12 3 of 14

WZR.TSX got encouraging results from the first test of 3 in the Kurdamir-2 well in the oligocene. Hopefully the outcome of the final 2 tests will be announced in December.  WZR and operator Talisman each have have a 40% working interest, with 20% with the Kurdistan Regional Government.

"The operator, Talisman (Block K44) B.V. ("Talisman") will continue the testing program of two additional Oligocene intervals at Kurdamir-2. Upon completion of the testing program, test and wire log data will be analyzed and the Company will release an updated resource estimate for the Oligocene once confirmed by its independent auditors."

WZR.TSX +20%

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rhomboid1 29th Nov '12 4 of 14

Soco for the up ...finally

USOP ..for the down if their lawyers deem it appropriate for me to express a view on the merits of the company.


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Fangorn 30th Nov '12 5 of 14

GKP for the up for me for the same reason as Tourn.

As to the down, I'm going to plump for XEL

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peterg 30th Nov '12 6 of 14

FOGL - I'm going to plump for it moving up nearer net cash during the month!

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loglorry 1st Dec '12 7 of 14

Fangorn I'd be interested to know why you have XEL for down in December? I don't hold and have been bearish of late but I think an entry price of around 70p would be quite reasonable. Is it just that they are running low on cash so you think t hey might need to raise capital to develop Bentley - surely not within the next month though.


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flyingbull 1st Dec '12 8 of 14

In reply to tournesol, post #1

BEH down when the suspension is ended and the new/merged entity starts trading under the BEH ticker (is that allowed as a choice?) (tournesol)

Yes, it is allowed.



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Proselenes 2nd Dec '12 9 of 14


Plenty of things going on in Dec/Jan - but could also be a downer a little if Romeo result is not good. But being positive lets go Romeo is a good drill result in Dec and up she goes about 50%.


Moving into the "lowest" ebb for the court case, with Kozels etc on the stand and lots of nasty questions coming methinks - and add on to that GKP is a stock with lots and lots of private investors in and they generally sell for "Christmas and New Year" holidays - so plenty of selling pressure should be there for GKP in December. Expecting lots of early December pumping to try to generate buyers so the people pumping can then sell for Christmas..........

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Impvesta 2nd Dec '12 10 of 14

Up Aminex (AEX) please

No down

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dbfromgb 2nd Dec '12 11 of 14

SIA for the up please, no down

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alano20 3rd Dec '12 12 of 14

Hi fb,

Up 20% - OPHR Ophir

Down 20% - AEX Aminex

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Fangorn 3rd Dec '12 13 of 14

In reply to loglorry, post #7

A combination of market expectations that "they are running low on cash so might need to raise capital to develop Bentley" and general distrust of management. As you conclude it is highly unlikely that they will seek such a capital raising as we close in on the end of the year but I suspect there are plenty of mischief makers out there looking for an excuse to punish XEL and it's legion of T20's.

Would definitely see a 70p entry price as worthy of an entry myself...

I'm expecting general market liquidity to be thin for the next four weeks so any moves upward/downward will be magnified imho.

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flyingbull 2nd Jan '13 14 of 14

IGAS easily beat the rest with an incredible 87.8% rise in one month, congratulations to Zbaffled and Heidigynme for winning the "Up" competition for December 2012!!

As for the Down competition, congratulations to Sawney for winning with AST which managed to hold off the challenge from LRL and WSX!!

The two sets of competition results are as follows:

>20% Up Competition Results:

-8.4% Average

87.8% IGAS Zbaffled Advfn
87.8% IGAS Heidigynne Advfn
20.4% TPL Wrighty46 Advfn
18.0% FTO Peterbill Fool
7.4% PPC Vauch Advfn
1.5% TRAP Proselenes Stockopedia
1.5% TRAP Carpee Fool
1.5% TRAP Yossa123 Fool
1.5% AEX Impvesta Stockopedia
1.5% AEX Ssadim Advfn
1.3% OPHR Alano20 Stockopedia
1.3% OPHR Slickreturns Fool
1.3% OPHR Chriswalden Fool
0.0% GOO Fabius1 Fool
0.0% CHAR Triples Advfn
-0.5% SQZ Sawney Fool
-1.3% JKX Closetinvestor Advfn
-1.4% SIA Rhomboid1 Stockopedia
-1.4% SIA Dbfromgb Stockopedia
-3.3% CEO Thegreatgeraldo Fool
-5.4% BG Nimblepandora Fool
-6.0% SLME Sufijedi Advfn
-6.8% PET Shauiekent Fool
-8.8% GKP Tournesol Stockopedia
-8.8% GKP Fangorn Stockopedia
-8.8% GKP Jimmymcnulty Advfn
-8.8% GKP JPGH Fool
-8.8% GKP Gary1966 Fool
-9.5% VPP Fleecednflogged Fool
-9.6% FAST Flyingswan Advfn
-10.5% COP Ewm55 Fool
-11.2% FOGL Peterg Stockopedia
-11.2% FOGL Eastheath Fool
-11.2% FOGL Wshak Fool
-11.5% EDG Dragonsteeth Fool
-11.8% SLG.V GHH Fool
-11.8% SLG.V Ohisay Fool
-12.1% AOI.V Casanare Fool
-12.1% USOP Sharesure4 Advfn
-12.5% RRL Ngms27 Advfn
-12.5% RRL Rosco46 Advfn
-16.2% WZR.V Sporazene Fool
-16.2% WZR.V Fuiseog Stockopedia
-16.2% WZR.V Gray1107 Fool
-16.4% NOP Dozey1 Fool
-16.9% UEN Stormingnorm Advfn
-17.1% NEW Supercity Advfn
-17.1% NEW Theshareguru Advfn
-17.1% NEW Mirabilis362 Fool
-17.1% NEW Oblomof Fool
-18.9% LGO Chris5443 Advfn
-20.2% AEY Skyship Advfn
-20.2% AEY Jonniequl Fool
-21.0% SOU Doerx2 Advfn
-33.8% LRL Eliasjones Stockopedia
-33.8% LRL Ultrapunch Advfn
-33.8% LRL Haoma Fool
-33.8% LRL Flyingbull Fool
-33.8% WSX Xxnjr Fool
-35.0% TPET Freedosh Advfn
-35.0% TPET Freedosh Advfn
-35.0% TPET Foolishdeciple Fool
-39.3% AST Yaffayat Fool

>20% Down Competition Results:

-5.2% Average

-39.3% AST Sawney Fool
-33.8% LRL Haoma Fool
-30.6% WSX JPGH Fool
-21.0% SOU Sufijedi Advfn
-20.2% AEY Closetinvestor Advfn
-17.1% NEW Wshak Fool
-17.1% NEW Ohisay Fool
-16.4% NOP Dozey1 Fool
-13.4% RMP Rosco46 Advfn
-12.1% USOP Rhomboid1 Stockopedia
-12.1% USOP Thegreatgeraldo Fool
-11.2% FOGL Jimmymcnulty Advfn
-11.2% FOGL Mirabilis362 Fool
-11.2% FOGL Nimblepandora Fool
-8.8% GKP Proselenes Stockopedia
-8.1% EME Peterbill Fool
-6.8% PET Vauch Advfn
-6.8% PET Doerx2 Advfn
-6.8% PET Freedosh Advfn
-6.8% PET Skyship Advfn
-6.8% PET Triples Advfn
-6.8% PET Stormingnorm Advfn
-6.8% PET Supercity Advfn
-6.8% PET Theshareguru Advfn
-6.8% PET Ultrapunch Advfn
-6.8% PET Carpee Fool
-6.8% PET Slickreturns Fool
-6.8% PET Dragonsteeth Fool
-5.8% RXP Wrighty46 Advfn
-4.2% XEL Fangorn Stockopedia
-4.2% XEL Flyingswan Advfn
-1.6% AMER Sharesure4 Advfn
-1.5% CNE Ssadim Advfn
0.0% BEH Tournesol Stockopedia
0.0% GOO Flyingbull Fool
0.0% CHAR Chris5443 Advfn
0.7% EOG Ngms27 Advfn
0.7% EOG Eastheath Fool
0.7% EOG Yossa123 Fool
1.5% AEX Alano20 Stockopedia
1.5% AEX Ewm55 Fool
1.5% TRAP Fleecednflogged Fool
1.5% TRAP Foolishdeciple Fool
9.0% LOGP Gary1966 Fool
9.8% SOLO Shauiekent Fool
20.4% TPL Jonniequl Fool
88.2% MMR.US Xxnjr Fool


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