Hi all

I've been trying to buy two ETFs via several different brokers. In particular I want to buy LG ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ETF (LON:AIAG) (An Artificial Intelligence ETF) and VANECK VECTORS ETF (LON:ESGB) (an eSports and Gaming ETF).

Although these are listed on the LSE and are legitimate UK listed versions of the ETFs none of my brokers seem to be able to offer them to me. When I queried Interactive Investor they said....

I am very sorry but we would only be able to offer these particular
investments if the underlying companies made the Cost Disclosure
and Key Information Documents available to Morningstar.
Morningstar is one of the largest data provider companies in this sector
so it should be fairly easy for the company to implement.
do know that Morningstar will follow up on outstanding documentation
on a regular basis but I am afraid this is not something that we
can facilitate.
Fundamentally, once they have the documents, we will be able to reflect
this on our online platform and then set up the investments for trading.

Has anyone else come across this same problem of a broker being reliant on a data provider?

Is anyone else able to get a sucessful quote from their brokers for these ETFs or is every broker reliant on the same information?

Anyone any ideas about how to fix this issue? I am not a MorningStar subscriber but I could sign up and then Nag them, is anyone else on here already a Morningstar subscriber and who could help with the nagging? Does Stocko use MorningStar and can they ask for Data Updates? Should I contact the providers and nag them or should I just shut up and wait for it to resolve itself over time?

All thoughts welcome,



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