Dillistone, the supplier of recruitment software, announced final results to December 2010 which show sales of £4.25 million (2009: £3.66 million), pre-tax profit of £1.2 million (2010: £1.1 million), EPS of 15.3p (2009: 14.68p) and DPS of 10.5p (2009: 10.5p). Year end net cash was £2.1 million.

The company reported that new clients are being signed up at an average of 3 per week, a 50% increase over 2009 - 18% of new license sales were on the SaaS model (2009: 9%). Recurring revenue was £2.5 million (2009: £2.3 million).

FileFinder 10, based on Microsoft's .NET web platform, which involved an investment of over £1m, was launched in March 2011. FileFinder 10 has contributed to a good order book so far in 2011. H1 2011 is expected to be in line with H1 2010, with sales increasing in H2 after customers review the new product.

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