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Hello everybody, at the moment there is probably only one topic that moves the world and investors: the corona virus. In the meantime, every market participant has probably noticed that major quakes are taking place on the international financial markets. The bears have taken command. And probably no depot has been spared losses in the past few weeks. Neither does my depot, which aims to generate an increasing cash flow from dividends over the years. And I am completely honest: Even if I do not attach great importance to the capital appreciation of my shares, it hurts to see how profits of 20, 30, 40 percent are pulverized and turn negative in a short time.


Overall, my portfolio is currently about 13 percent less than my starting values. And if I keep that in mind and don't look at the losses since the all-timehighs, it's quite bearable. I invest with a long investment horizon. 15, 20 years. When I retire, I want to get a nice extra dividend income from my account. In the first quarter, my shares paid me net dividends of € 201. Not very much yet, but I'm still at the beginning of my journey, which started a good year ago - and at least a third more than in the first quarter of 2019.

What will be interesting to see is the question of which companies will continue to pay their dividends in the Corona crisis. I'm not kidding myself: there will be dividend cuts. With my criteria, I made sure that I bought good quality and stable companies. Nevertheless, I think rather conservatively and am not so blue-eyed to believe that all the dividend payments aimed for will also be implemented. If there are significant cuts (or even deletions), I will take a very close look at the company and, if necessary, sell it if the fundamentals are no longer correct. This does not mean I will not stay the course. But you have to adjust things in these extraordinary times.

Nobody is able to predict how long the crisis will continue. I hope for each of us that he will get through it well. Both financially and health-wise. In this sense: stay healthy and stay at home!

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