We were genuinely amazed by the number of downloads and positive feedback for our first podcast so here is the second. We tried to make it a bit shorter, focussing on 3 companies which recently had results: Burford Capital (LON:BUR), Boohoo (LON:BOO) and 4d Pharma (LON:DDDD), a discussion about when to sell, and Dave going through 4 US companies that he's been looking at closely, explaining what interests him.

As ever, its not intended as advice but as a jumping off point for your own explorations.Its on Apple, Amazon and Buzzsprout and I'd be really pleased to receive any feedback, particularly about whether you prefer the shorter format of felt we didn't dive deeply enough...

Following suggestions, there are a few charts that @DonaldPond6 and @Davidb1234 have posted on Twitter to explain what we are talking about in greater detail

I hope you enjoy...



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