DQ is my first share to hit over 1,000% today. It has taken about 4 years to achieve that growth, but worth it. Sorry there will be no party in these covid times.

NEW technology is improving all the time. I first saw the NIO on the 700 club cbn on 2/2/2020, about 10 minutes run time in, where the new technology is discussed.

The NIO is the most  high tech spec I have ever seen. The E17 model will do 0-100kmph in 4.9 seconds. It is filled with lazers, cameras, and computers. No doubt we will have the driverless cars of the future available in more numbers very soon. There is certainly lots of interest in the NIO & the FUV (Archimoto) has been designed for fun and short distances with 3 wheels, so it is easy to park.

I was speaking to a friend of mine today who was able to speak English into a phone and there is a phone app that converts english to another language which was Korean. So the guy from Korea was able to communicate speaking Korean and my friend heard his phone speaking English. How cool is that.

Needless to say I have positions in all of these shares,and are constantly looking for US shares on the move in my other blog, The latest purchase being LAKE. Please DYOR.

LAKE has lots of positive points ,with a stockrank of99 momentum99 quality 99 &Value 95. Relitive strength nearly all green lights. Health trend high with all 9 green lights showing on the checklist.  Community high.  Excellent cash. To the 9 mths to end October revenues increased by 53% to $122.1M. Spread 17bps and a Super Stock.

You can also see other US stocks on the move by bringing LAKE & hit    the discuss tab.

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