I am currently looking in to this company which I few people (wiser than me ) have mentioned however as part of my research I was looking at the initial IPO document and wondered if there was anything to be concerned about re Mark Le Tissier who is a Non-Executive Director of the company as on page 59 of the IPO document it states the following ,

''The following is a list of companies that have entered receivership, liquidation or a company
voluntary arrangement while Mr. Le Tissier was a director or within a twelve month period of Mr. LeTissier ceasing to be a director.

Africa Mining & Manufacturing Limited
Africa Salvage (Guernsey) Limited
African Resources Company Limited
Airone Shipping Ltd
Alonzo Developments Limited
Altitude 2 Crew IC Limited
Altitude Crew IC Limited
Amberlean Worldwide Limited
Astraline Holdings Limited
Atlantic Holdings International Limited
Aventador Holdings Limited
Bankhead Management (Guernsey) Limited
BBOD Europe Limited
Billy Budd Crew IC Limited
Boeties Retreat (Proprietary) Limited
Boothroyd Investments Limited
Buchanan Renewables (Guernsey) Limited
Carlton Hotels Management Limited
CCC Racing Team Limited
Chawton Limited
Clyde Marine (Guernsey) Limited
Dan Group Limited
Droganni Limited
Eastgate Developments Limited
Eastgate Holdings Limited
Eden’s Bay Limited
Elektra Shipping Limited
Elena Crew IC Limited
Elite Properties PCC Limited – Cell D
EMS (Guernsey) Limited
Falcon Crew IC Limited
Federer Enterprises Limited
Ferntower Estates Ltd
Firefly Global Holdings Limited
Flemyn (Guernsey) Company Limited
Galaxy International Limited
Gena Holdings Limited
Golden Amber Holdings Limited
GML Asset Solutions Leasing Limited
Guernsey Crewing Services Limited
Guernsey Property Holdings Limited
Hayken Crew IC Limited
High Target Ltd.
Hobart 51 Limited
Holdfast Indemnity Company Limited
Hove Properties Ltd
Howland Limited
Hwasun Estate Limited
Hydrosub (Guernsey) Limited
Indranet Consulting Ltd
Kivotos Overseas Limited
Krakos Limited
Lady Christine Crew IC Limited
Land Remediation and Servicing Limited
Landon Enterprises Inc.
Leisure Investment Holdings (Guernsey) Limited
Lexkia Limited
Lightning Enterprises Limited
Limpet Holdings Limited
Limpet Logistics Limited
Lone Ranger Crew IC Limited
LRS Holdings Limited
Lumen II Limited

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