Ebiquity, the media monitoring data and consulting provider, reported that final results to April 2011 showed sales of £44.2 million (2010: £21.2 million), adjusted operating profit of £4.3 million (2010: £2.3 million), pre-tax loss of £1.8 million (2010: £100,000 profit) and adjusted EPS of 6.02p (2010: 5.55p). The results include an exceptional charge of £4.0 million (2010: £1.7 million charge) and amortisation of purchased intangibles of £1.5 million (2010: £412,000).

The company reported that international sales represent 71% of total sales (2010: 38%); gross margin was 56% (2010: 55%) and year end net debt was £4.5 million.

The EBQ share price has increased by 52% over the last year.

Ebiquity Plc is currently graded b by LCF Research. To learn more, follow the link.

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