Hi all, 

During this economic downturn I’ve mainly utilised the economic moat principle to purchase what I believe are undervalued blue chip stocks. This has led me to purchase the likes of Disney, Bank of America, Apple, Berkshire Hathaway etc. I have also purchased Slater Growth Fund, Vanguard S&P 500 and Vanguard FTSE100. 

Moving forwards i plan to inject more cash into my ‘warchest’  to take advantage of the market conditions. These funds could be utilised to further purchase undervalued/discounted blue chip economic mots to add to my existing portfolio but I’ve been also toying with the idea of utilising Jim Slaters ZULU principle to screen for stocks. The screener on stockepedia doesn’t seem to incorporate many of the core principles that have been set/outlined by Jim Slater. So, before i conclude which approach to take some guidance would be appreciate with regards to the follow;

1. Are there any rules that you guys could recommend for me to add to the screener to further optimise the lists?

2. In market conditions like these would it be best to purchase blue chip stocks at the discounted prices or to optimise the ZULU principle and see what options that spits out?

Any guidance and help would be kindly appreciated,



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