Redleaf PR organised a day with 6 presenters covering electric vehicles: 

  • The latest innovations
  • The key suppliers who should benefit 
  •  How to pick the winners and losers

Tim and I thought it so interesting, we decided to film, so other investors could benefit.  

Here will follow the 6 presentations:

With an introduction by Ralph Anderson, Senior Account Manager, Redleaf

1. The automotive revolution: autonomous, connected, electrified and shared
By Chris Jones, Co founder, VP and Chief Analyst, Canalys

Canalys research and analyse trends impacting the automotive industry. He covers the past, present and future of EVs. With insight to how the EV market might evolve.

2. The evolution of battery technology

By Stephen Irish, MD, Commercial, Hyperdrive Innovation

Hyperdrive Innovation designs and builds lithium-ion battery systems for powering electric cars, off-highway vehicles, autonomous vehicles and home energy storage.  They work in collaboration with Nissan and others to design & develop innovative battery systems that it aims to commercialise in the near term.  Stephen follows on neatly from Chris Jones’s presentation, to indicate how developments are playing out for suppliers to the industry.

3.The role of fuel cells

By Keith Allaun, CEO, Powerhouse Energy (LON:PHE)

Here Keith discusses the concept of taking plastic bottles and other waste and converting into energy to power a car, effectively dealing with two problems, creating a sustainable economy.  PowerHouse Energy are the UK pioneer in Waste-to-Hydrogen systems.  Aiming to become the lead distributor of low-cost hydrogen to fuel cars, produced from waste, including plastic.

4. The Future of Transportation – choosing the right investments
By Jon Forster, Co-Manager, Impax Environmental Markets

Jon talks about the EV space, and outlines the key criteria Impax seek, identifying investment opportunities in the environmental space.  Impax Environmental Markets is a fund specialising in environmental markets for cleaner or more efficient delivery of basic services: energy, water & waste.  

This is a really good overview of the opportunities and challenges for the investor.

5. How the private sector is meeting the challenge of charging infrastructure in the UK

By Tom Callow, Director of Communication & Strategy at Chargemaster

Tom gives an…

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