Emis is a healthcare software supplier that I have written on a few times (in my Blog), firstly in depth when I introduced it in March 2014 and then again after their full year results shortly thereafter and then briefly when they had a contract update. In an otherwise slow news day today they have announced that over the past month the Group has been awarded preferred bidder status for a further three NHS Trust clinical system contracts in the Child, Community & Mental Health (CCMH) market. 

In addition to this they said they are having an Analyst and investor Teach in, which as is normally the case with these things they say will not include any new financial information. However they say it will cover the Group's integrated healthcare product and service offerings and will include product demonstrations. Apparently copies of the presentation materials will be made available after the event on their website, so that might be worth checking out if you want to gain a better understanding of their products and services.

The shares were around 600 pence when I first wrote about them and since then they have outperformed the market, being up by around 20% to 720 pence this morning against the FTSE 350 which is up by around 4% and the FTSE All Aim index which is down 7% or so since then. The share price is therefore not looking so sick now and this leaves them on just over 17x earnings with a well covered (2.3x) 2.5% yield for this year, if they deliver the forecast 10% or so dividend growth. This seems quite likely as the earnings are forecast to be up by around 19% and the earnings revision trend has been positive recently and may be helped further by today's announcement. While it is now more expensive than when I bought it and a bit overbought in the short term, given the share price rise. I am inclined to run with it as it hasn't hit my 2 and 20 sell trigger yet as it obviously remains a good quality business which seems to be delivering quite well with the latest contract wins. See the links above if you want more information about it and to do your own research.