I'm going to copy in here a post from my own blog, which is mainly transcriptions of cultural/political discussions that interest me. I'm a long-term subscriber to this site, and have written a couple of articles which I'm not absolutely red-faced at.. The interviewee is a very minor political figure, but to avoid controversy (if Delingpole isn't controversial) I've redacted her party. Hope it's amusing & interesting!

The very interesting Catharine Blaiklocktalking to James Delingpole,on the latter's podcast. JD is, as usual, eager for some practical tips on what to do with his savings. I thought this was an instructive talk because she does have a downright opinion, and practical advice, and has come to it from a full life which required present-mindedness and foresight.

JD. ..So. We were talking about markets, and you were amazing me with your.. I still can't quite work out how you knew how it was worthwhile getting into yen, whatever it was. You've obviously got an instinct for this kind of thing.

CB. Well I have been working in it for a while and it was relatively predictable. And what is happening now in the world is relatively predictable..

JD. Is it..?

CB. ..but you can tell people what you think will happen, but most people will not take the advice.

JD. Oh! Well tell me what's going to happen! I'd love to hear..

CB. Well what we've got at the moment is a number of big trends happening. The first one is a loss of confidence in governments. And that's everywhere.

JD. Yes. Durr! Why is that, I wonder?

CB. But that has really serious financial implications.

JD. [hesitantly] On bonds? No.

CB. Yes.

JD. Ah. Got it..

CB. And on interest rates.

JD. [cautiously] Riiiight..

CB. So even without a Corbyn government, we are going to face rising interest rates. And we are going to face government debt crises all over the world, as people decide they don't want to lend any government money.

JD. [more confidently] Right!

CB. That's already started. You can see that in Turkey and South Africa, and Argentina. All three of them, especially Argentina is likely to…

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