What is the best way to accumulate or clear a shareholding? I've seen people referring to the process of accumulating shares as building a position and I don't really know what that involves.

Say I am a private investor (hence no special access or privilege) with a well established ISA (so have funds) and I want to acquire 10K shares in Bloggs plc (BP), maybe £25K-50K so not a huge sum. Clearly I want to get my shares as cheaply as I can  and if I try to get all 10K at once the price is likely to rise, sharply.

Or will it? Should I not expect a discount for buying in bulk? If not, then to avoid moving the price against me I may need to accumulate in smaller quantities.

If the EMS is 500 is there a difference between buying in lots of 500 vs lots of 5000 (dealing costs obv)? Does timing matter? Is multiple buys on the same day a poor strategy?

Are limit buys public knowledge? I.e. if I place 10 limit buys for 1K shares is it obvious there is a buyer out there?

Similarly with selling, clearly dumping all 10K at once is not likely to get me the best price. Is this where selling amounts at or below EMS is an advantage?

I don't really know how this works, tell me.

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