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doverbeach 6th Sep '10 80 of 99

You can only use the thumbs if you are a registered user.

IMO the best reason to keep the current arrangements is that, although indicriminate use of negative recs is obviously bad, it is surely better than clogging up threads with people wanting express their disagreement with a post/poster.


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bugsmunny 6th Sep '10 81 of 99

There's something about human personality traits - most of us like to bend-the-rules a bit and are much more likely to do so if we think there's no come-back.

The negative rec system system simply encourages that kind of mildly naughty and disruptive behaviour and adds very little value because the meaning is so unclear.

Whatever people claim about being thick-skinned recieving negative feedback is not nice, that's fundamentally true at work or with friends, and in some ways the anonymous nature makes it worse. And negative scores simply discourage people from posting especially when countering the prevailing view. It can move towards bullying too.

Please discard to the negative rec system and just keep the report this post for specific violations.

It's much better that someone takes the time to respond with a counter argument than clicking the "punish" button.

And yes I am in favour of a filter system and at both levels for a particular thread when you've heard enough of the counter argument and a global filter for the handful of people who "just do your head in"



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Fangorn 6th Sep '10 82 of 99

"Whatever people claim about being thick-skinned recieving negative feedback is not nice, that's fundamentally true at work or with friends, and in some ways the anonymous nature makes it worse. And negative scores simply discourage people from posting especially when countering the prevailing view. It can move towards bullying too."

"Move to bullying?" Roflmao. Are you for real?

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bugsmunny 6th Sep '10 83 of 99

Yes Fanghorn I am for real. I was attempting to make a helpful comment and your response is typical.

I feel sorry you felt the need to reply like that.

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Murakami 6th Sep '10 84 of 99

In reply to post #47278

Hi Fangorn and Bugsmunny, please keep this personal exchange off the boards. Feel free to use the messaging system but any further back and forth will be moderated. Best, M

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Fangorn 6th Sep '10 This post has been moderated
dodge1664 6th Sep '10 86 of 99

In reply to post #47257

I think negative recs are the worst aspect of stockopedia. If someone posts complete rubbish, then its best to ignore it, and if they do it repeatedly then that poster can simply be filtered out. So there's absolutely no need to have them.

On the other hand, they can do a lot of damage by creating the kind of bad feeling that puts people off posting. You can perhaps argue that posters should be thick-skinned enough to take it, but they might still be put off posting again in the future.

Tournesol's list of the possible meanings of a thumbs down above is incomplete. It might also mean:
- I've taken a personal dislike to this poster, so I'll give them the thumbs down no matter what they say
- I don't have any rational counter argument to offer, but the conclusion isn't what I want to hear

I think its particularly bad form to give a post the thumbs down without offering any kind of counter argument.

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Fangorn 6th Sep '10 87 of 99

In reply to post #47283

I think you hit the nail on the head there dodge with your

"Tournesol's list of the possible meanings of a thumbs down above is incomplete. It might also mean:
- I've taken a personal dislike to this poster, so I'll give them the thumbs down no matter what they say"

Until the BP thread, where I disagreed with someone I had hardly seen a single negative rec whatsoever. Since the BP discussion however nearly every single post I have made, whether it be a news article, an update, a comment on a stock price movement on a particular day have, without fail, garnered a negative rec.

The only explanation can be the one you make above dodge.

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SW10Chap 7th Sep '10 88 of 99

I don't have a significant problem with thumbs down. I recognize that there are occasions where negs appear for no apparent reason and subconsciously I tend 'normalize' a post with one or two negatives as having none.

I also agree with doverbeach that it probably helps to keep threads in fairly good order - being able hit a thumbs down probably removes the need for making a post - particularly if the post is going to be one that takes someone to task for their behaviour.

Having said that, what does really bother is the occasional 'flocks' of thumbs which tend to follow some posters and I don't really know how that would be fixed. I think perhaps the "are you sure" dialogue might be quite helpful - it would add a small hurdle the process and therefore might just hinder any instances of people lazily and habitually handing out negs - as well as avoiding mis-hits!

As far as my own approach is concerned, I recall in the early days that S'pedia suggested they might identify who had given a'thumb.' Whilst I didn't support the idea at the time, it still makes me pause for thought before reccing:

"Would I be happy for people - including the poster - to know that I'd given this rec?"

Occasionally the answer is "no" and so I avoid pressing the button...


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tournesol 8th Sep '10 89 of 99

I really think the thumbs down feature is being abused - look at the thread on the BP crisis and you can see that every single post is getting a single thumbs down - even the least controversial, purely factual, simple little comment is getting one negative vote.

It looks to me as if someone with a chip on his shoulder is systematically voting down absolutely everything on the thread. This is not wha tthe facility is for.

There is a similar circumstance where some posters get negative votes regardless of what they say - I myself almost always get 1 negative vote. Occasionally it can be as many as 5 - but never more. I suspect there is something going on here with multiple aliases and axe grinding.

It's not good.

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Murakami 8th Sep '10 90 of 99

In reply to post #47398

Hi, thanks for pointing this out. We'll take a look at the voting logs and make sure there's no gaming going on here. If there is, we'll suspend the user in question. If anyone notices anything similar, please flag it to admin @ or here. We are also mulling over the other helpful suggestions above amongst the dev team to figure out what would be best to implement on this front. Best, M

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passinthru 8th Sep '10 91 of 99

In reply to post #47398

I really think the thumbs down feature is being abused...

Got my first one today. Kind of proud of it :-)


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bugsmunny 22nd Sep '10 92 of 99


Hi. Still hoping for some info about what you are doing about the neg recs and filtering.

Yet another pointless spat breaks out on a popular thread.


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tournesol 23rd Sep '10 93 of 99

There is one small feature I'd like to see added.

The ability to flag all unread posts as read.

I've just come back from a week away and there are dozens of posts flagged up as unread. I've worked through those on the threads most interesting to me but to be honest I don't have the time or inclination to read every last one on every one of the boards which are of only peripheral interest.

I'd like to be able to push a single button and have all the "unread" flags reset.

Clearly not very important and not at all urgent, but if it were easy to do then why not?

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SW10Chap 23rd Sep '10 94 of 99

Can we have the thumbs appear at the top and bottom of the posts please?

I think this important for long posts - for example, I've just read djpreston's outstanding résumé of the Global Energy Conference and, whilst It really deserves its blue thumb, it goes against the grain to have to scroll all the way back to the top to give the rec--and then back down again to read any other follow-on posts.


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sugs04 23rd Sep '10 95 of 99

Not a biggie but when on a multipage thread and you click next, sometimes the site loses all context of what posts you have read already and leaves you at the top reading a post you have already seen. Can you fix it so it always knows which one you were up to please?

Thanks in advance


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stepone 23rd Sep '10 96 of 99


I'm sure this is not the right place, to put this, but I can't see the 'red button' which is referrred to in the header of this thread for reporting bugs, so I'll post it instead ;

Basically whenever there is a quote placed in a post, the paragraphs following the post are shifted left. Each quote shifts the following paragraphs a bit further so that characters start disappearing off the left edge of the screen.


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promethean 1st Oct '10 97 of 99

Just FYI - we are aware of the issue with the viewing figures and new post counts on all activity streams. We are in the process of moving to a new and bigger server - we hope to have it resolved this afternoon but please be patient with us.

Thanks and apologies for the inconvenience.

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ManSiarad 1st Oct '10 98 of 99



Good to know it's being fixed ...

Man Siarad

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macroeconomix 1st Oct '10 99 of 99

Everyone is probably too busy buying/ramping SLG to notice ;)

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