Afternoon all,

First time post having been out the market for a number of years. I'll get straight to the point, do many round these parts invest in funds? (I await the barrage of abuse given this is a stock-picking website!)

Bit of background... I've been an active investor for a number of year, early 2000's to be exact. Always small cap shares, AIM traded. Bought ASOS at 50 odd pence and sold at around 70p in the early days! I've always been prepared to cash out when valuations look toppy and I'm happy to sit on the side when required. I sold my last lot of holdings around 2016, this was in part due a house purchase and then an investment in my own business and for the aforementioned reasons. I've been happy to wait it out until a good opportunity presented itself.  

This current situation (apart from being extremely worrying for friends, family and the world as a whole) does seem to be presenting a buying opportunity, but will it last? With money printing starting and Brexit now kicked into the long grass we have some big challenges coming up. 

Anyway, back to my actual point. Does anyone invest in funds? I usually trade out of my HL account. I've always stayed clear in previous years as I've always enjoyed picking my own shares but other commitments will likely limit my time to research and manage my portfolio. HL have a selection of pre selected portfolios and funds I can select based upon my risk appetite and investment amount. My main concern is the limited timescales these funds have operated for, most don't go beyond 5 years and none have traded through a recession.

I'd love to hear anyones experiences or thoughts? I'm contemplating dipping my toe back in, but not over committing. Perhaps a mix of funds and stocks drip fed over the next 1-2 years.

On another note, the Stockopedia screening tool has really come on leaps and bounds and its an absolute whizz  at flagging up worth shares to review  

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