Dear all
I’m a very new subscriber to Stockopedia and I’m amazed by the depth and breadth of knowledge and information available by the algorithms and individual contributors.

I have a couple of holdings that I’m curious about people’s thoughts on one of them, please be gentle with me as I’m not in any way a sophisticated investor rather a new starter.
Anyway, FUM based in Guildford trading on the AIM market engaged in the sexual and pain relief market with one product CSD500 an erectile dysfunction condom which has been launched in a number of territories across Europe and the Middle East and MED2002 which is a topical pain relief gel, where I see the positioning for it is a direct challenge e to Voltarol (in the UK)

The algorithms in Stockopedia aren’t that impressed from what I can see but I would be grateful for your thoughts on the stock.

Many thanks and please be gentle.....

Kind regards


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