Fiverr is a site for freelancers to offer their work online. That's a very simple statement, it's doesn't seem to offer groundbreaking value like a tech plays and at first glance, it doesn't seem to offer any reasoning why you should invest, bear with me and listen. I'll just outline a few reasons why Fiverr has been an extremely undervalued case :

(1) Fiverr has been extremely undervalued and mispriced by at least half the Wall-street Analysts, save for a few top ones, and its seems to be glossed over by many investors out there due to a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of the business. Even the top Wall Street analysts on buy ratings seem to have glossed over the most important reasoning to buy the stock. (As a side note, please note that the stock has grown over 700% in the past year.)

It is fundamentally, a groundbreaking new Human Resources solution for SMEs. It allows a marketplace for SMEs to find value talent, that would be impossible for them to source, both due to geographical and limited budgets. Say, if I run my business in a small town, how can I find talent to do my artwork for my advertisement? Fiverr provides me with the solution by offering ,say, extremely talented individuals half way across the world in less developed countries for one-tenth of the price. To be blunt, it allows SMEs to source talented individuals in less developed countries for a value play.

(2) Fiver has close to 0 true competitors in this space. Their so-called closest competitor 'Upwork' are targeted towards different markets. Upwork is geared towards at the higher end of the market at large corporates while Fiverr is geared towards SMEs. If you look at the way the platform is set up, they charge a much higher rate and the focus is on more complex projects. I believe there is much more talent on Fiverr that is drawn across countries and geographies which would otherwise be very very difficult to access for SMEs.

To summarize, the Fiverr platform seems to shift whole industries online to provide value talent which would otherwise be extreme pain points for SMEs. In short, this is the Alibaba of HR solutions for talent sourcing.

(3) Now, lets talk about the valuation. Fiverr is currently valued at approximately, 9 billion market cap, with 35 million shares and 20 million…

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