I was wondering if it might be useful to create a Gold and Precious metal thread – or perhaps just Gold, with other threads following on? I mention this as there were a couple of snippets which looked of interest to discuss, but no obvious place to post…..

There is a report that Roman Abramovich has sold his 40% holding in Highland Gold at 300p per share with some thoughts that it may lead to an offer to remaining shareholders.

Is anyone following the situation at Petropavlovsk? It seems that small shareholders are mounting some co-ordinated effort against the board to try and stop what is seen as back door control of the company. It’s not clear if this will succeed.

I hold a modest amount of Highland but recently sold out of POG as I had some memories of the Maxwell years, when unquoted companies in obscure parts of the world had control of publicaly quoted companies. It generally didn’t end well for other shareholders.

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