This is a thread to discuss Gold & Silver Mining Stocks. The best place for these are generally Canada (no. 1 by far) and Australia (although there are some in the UK and US too). 

My starter for ten.

Follow these YT channels

Crux Investor (excellent), Kitco, GoldSilverPros (excellent), Pallisade Radio.

Gold and silver have fantastic fundamentals in my view. Gold being true money unlike fiat currencies which are being created like they are going out of fashion and silver being partially a monetary store but also an industrial metal used in many emerging and current technologies which is in short supply.

To cut a long story short, there is evidence that both have been manipulated (downwards) by banks and this process is unravelling. The Covid-19 virus is the catalyst for a huge underlying problem. Since 2008 central banks have been creating money at an absurd rate of knots which has led to inflated asset prices and many indebted (zombie) companies. The 'normal' economy is in a mess which can't easily unravelled.

You can make a case for $4,000 gold (or even much more) and $100 silver which would revolutionise the income and balance sheets of gold and silver miners like not seen since the late 60/early 70s where there we many 10x and 20x stocks to be had.

Of course no one knows what is really going to happen but I would rather be in this space than chasing huge valuations (p/e mutiples) that we are seeing in the US  in particular but also in the UK.

There are several types of companies in this space from high risk to lower risk.

Royalty & Streaming Companies - lowest risk - companies that get paid a royalty for gold and silver that is produced.

Producers - next higher risk- companies already producing metal

Developers - next higher risk - companies developing a mine for known resources - close to production

Explorers - highest risk- companies further from developing , exploring looking for gold and silver.

Thoughts on the space welcome.


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