Ok, I know this has no doubt been debated a million times over... BUT... Growth vs Value over the next decade, who wins?

I'm hesitant to position my portfolio too heavily towards growth due to some of the fanciful valuations, this being said I do have long positions in 3 funds that are focused on eCommerce and online plays, mostly geared towards the US and China (and also a VC fund that I like). Otherwise a large portion of my portfolio is really looking towards a cyclical recovery over the next 3 years. 

These cyclical companies are offering tremendous value  at present and the outlook is actually looking rather rosy in a lot of cases from recent updates. Does anyone have any compelling recovery funds that they like? I find a lot of value based funds aren't in-fact value at all when you lift the hood and check whats inside! The Slater recovery fund is a good example, its largest holdings are all geared to growth shares at all times high.

Schroder QEP Global Active Value & M&G North American Value Fund offer some nice exposure whilst Jupiter Global Value Equity looks to be a strong value orientated play. Alex Wright manages the Fidelity Special Situations and Fidelity Special Value fund that look interesting. Clearly some of these funds have underperformed in recent years but I'm not looking backwards, I want to look forward and position myself accordingly.

Some of the Income funds, BNY Mellon Asian Income, Slater Income Fund & Troy Trojan Income look interesting as these hold a lot of cyclical shares which have both growth and income on top. 

Love to hear your thoughts!

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