Guidance on Deciphering Statements

Just wondering  if there any resources  available that can explain some of the common types of statements companies issue and which show up on the News section of a company. For example, one is the "Holding(s) in company" statements - it's hard to see if its a purchase or sale of shares that's happening.

Re-Invested Dividends Query

When entering dividend transactions on my portfolio,  I use the Transaction Type "Dividends", specifying the number of shares held  on XD date along with the dividend rate. It calculates a net income that matches up with what my broker account says and I get a "Dividend" entry on my transaction page. That's all good. However I'm re-investing my dividends with my broker for all my stocks that provide dividends.

I realise that when I input these dividend transactions, its not automatically increasing the holdings in my stocks (increasing the number of shares by the amount that can be purchased with the  dividend payment).  Consequently, for the shares that are providing me with dividends, the valuation shown on Stockopedia is less than what is showing on the broker account On my broker account, the number of shares shown always takes account of the extra shares bought through re-invested dividends and gives me a valuation based on that.  On my Stockopedia portfolio, the number of shares shown is  just accounting for shares bought out-right (which where entered into Stockopedia as Transaction Type "Buy"). 

For re-investment of dividends, should I just be entering them as Transaction Type "Buy" so it will increase my holding? But then again, this won't distinguish between normal outright share purchases versus dividend re-investments on the Transaction page for the stock.


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