Hargreaves Services (LON:HSP) provides industrial services including

  • outsourced bulk materials handling
  • logistics and mechanical and electrical engineering

Its principal activities are

  • provision of haulage services
  • waste transportation
  • mineral import
  • mechanical and electrical engineering
  • materials handling
  • dealing in plant and machinery
  • the development and sale of land
  • civil engineering and specialist earthworks activities

Its segments are Hargreaves Land and Hargreaves Services Europe. Hargreaves Land segment identifies, develops and then realizes value of properties.

Gordon Frank Colenso Banham, Chief Executive Officer, Hargreaves Services PLC holds 2.6m shares (8.19%)

Jack wrote in the Small Cap Value Report (Weds 2 June 2021):

“For many, it might just be too risky or too complicated to spend time on. Others might spy a potentially attractive special situation. Today’s update is short, and is unlikely to sway your view.”

The share has come off its peak of around 560 during Aug/Sep. I wonder if Hargreaves Services (LON:HSP) may benefit from the opening up of the economy in recent months, with an increase in demand for its services. I do think Hargreaves Services's offering of a attractive special situation, coupled with bullish chart signals suggesting an upside up to 600p makes it worthy of further investigation.

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