Hello, I am looking for some advice and tips when it comes to constructing a portfolio. 

I have been investing through passive index funds for several years, saved up an emergency fund and saved up around £6000 to now invest in individual shares. I feel I could keep on top of around 10 - 15 shares which should hopefully offer me some diversification.

I have been using Stockopedia now for a few weeks and have been playing around with the different filters and search tools.

From reading, I have read that QV and in particular Value companies can offer great long term - my strategy is to be a long term investor - I am not looking to day or swing trade. 

My question is this - when constructing a portfolio, is it a good idea to have a mix of different styles - such as contrarian, supper stock and high flyer - or as a long term investor, is there a share category which might be better to emphasise. 

Thank you for any tips you can give.

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