Dear Stockcommunity,

I was hoping one of you kind folk could help me.

One of my holdings, Warehouse REIT (LON:WHR) has launched a 2 for 5 rights issue at a price of 103p per share.
The current share price (offer) is 103 which is the same as the rights price.
I expect the true price I can execute at is somewhere between 102 and 103

Should I be indifferent to taking up the rights versus buying the same number of shares in the open market?
For that question, let's assume there are no transaction costs.

In reality, I would incur commission and stamp duty, which may explain the difference between rights price and market price.

Separate question - to me it is pretty rare for a REIT to issue new shares at a premium to market price (still a discount to NAV). Is it naive to think this is a good sign or at least a signal of institutional confidence?

Many thanks in advance for your insights

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