Cancelled due to Coronavirus.

This group began back in 1998. They tend to be individual share focused and run a round table discussion of buys/sells/interested.

These groups do not put 'money on the table'. There is no group invest. Any investment you make is personal to you and is private to you. The group gives the opportunity to spend time with like minded investors, discussing investments and matters of interest within the investment world. The conversation talks in terms of share price rather than volume. The discussion is inclusive and polite. They will be equipped with a laptop and screen so that they can analyse with Stockopedia. The cost of the room is split between the group and tends to workout at about £5-6. However Brian does not expect new members to pay on their first visit.

Having just spoken to him, there are just two places, group size is about twelve. If you can make it, then this would be a very interesting and enjoyable experience.


Badgemore Park.


RG9 4NR.

Available places;

1. Amanda Heron.


If your circumstances change and you cannot attend, please advise and I will make your place available to someone else.

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