Highlights from my portfolio 02/02/2011

Tuesday, Feb 01 2011 by

Alterian (LON:ALN) holds firm over 200, I have hopes for that one this year. It has been revamping its product.

Andor Technology (LON:AND) holds hights. The new camera is expected to have a positive impact.

£AZEM slips but frankly it strikes me as right time, right place so I'm holding tight for now.

Berendsen (LON:BRSN) also slips but not sure why. I could have traded it better but for now I hold.

£CAPD has fallen away quite sharply but I cannot see how they won't do well this year so I continue to hold.

Carclo (LON:CAR) remains firm but off highs but the highs were caused by lots of tipping and the fall was expected. A pivotal year...we find out whether or not there is demand for CIT.

Close Enhanced Comm Fund (LON:CED)2 continues to rise on rising oil and rising softs.

Chaarat Gold (LON:CGH) was bought on a long term basis. Only a very small position.

Cairn Energy (LON:CNE) is a bit volatile.

Diamondcorp (LON:DCP) heaved down alarmingly and is now heaving back up. Only news will move this now but I'm not sure of the timing.

Devro (LON:DVO) is weak, which is a bit odd given the likes of CWK are doing well. In fact CWK gave a good account of itself today but DVO was weak. I sold this well but bought back to early. Hey ho.

£GCL continues to be a star, pity I took some profits.

Central China Goldfields (LON:GGG) has been bought (small position) again (last time sold for small loss) The market doesn't seem to like what it sees but Blackrock does. I wait.

Macfarlane Group (LON:MACF) is not a share that I follow but yesterday it plunged 20% for no discernable reason and on low volume. I took a chance at the bottom and so far so good. What is it they do exactly?

Medusa Mining (LON:MML) rises tentatively.

Pinnacle Telecom Group (LON:PINN) annoys but I will hold for the next set of figures.

Royal Dutch Shell B (LON:RDSB) going nicely now.

RUG (Canada) retreating rather too fast for comfort but I am locked in until April so can only sit and watch.

Specialist Energy Group (LON:SEGR) fell sharply mid Jan and was bought on the basis it had fallen too hard. That looked like an error but it is now moving in right direction again.

Senior (LON:SNR) fell off a cliff today (well maybe not a cliff but it fell sharply) but I decided to just sit and watch. Manufacturing is recovering, the £ is getting stronger but not that much stronger....I have set a stop at 137 from here.

Spirent Communications (LON:SPT) rises nicely. The hope is that figures start of March will be good.

Telecity Group (LON:TCY) struggles with 500 but it is making progress against the downtrend. A few more days where we are and the moving averages will cross. I bought early but it looks like it will work out.

Vatukoula Gold Mines (LON:VGM) recovered a bit today after a bit of publicity in The Telegraph:


Weatherly International (LON:WTI) continues to torture me. I am back in. Sold just over 13, back just over 12...worth a shot.

Edit: Matchtech Group (LON:MTEC) came out with a profit warning and I sold for a loss.


Please keep in mind that all comments made by Susan Marmor are for educational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice regarding the purchase or sale of securities, options, futures or any other financial instrument of any kind. Consult with your investment advisor before making an investment decision regarding any securities mentioned herein. Susan Marmor assumes no responsibility for your trading and investment results. Susan Marmor does not warrant completeness or accuracy for any observations made herein, or warrant any results from the use of the information. Susan Marmor may have a position in the securities and/or otherwise employ trading strategies that may be consistent or inconsistent with the provided strategies. There is a very high degree of risk involved in any type of trading. Past results are not indicative of future returns. Securities, options, futures and any other financial instruments can go down as well as plunge.

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Andor Technology Ltd, formerly Andor Technology plc, is a United Kingdom-based company engaged in the development and manufacture of scientific digital cameras for academic, industrial and government applications. The Company operates in three segments: research, microscopy systems and original equipment manufacturing (OEM). Research is engaged in sales of cameras and associated products to academia and government-funded research institutes. Andor’s Microscopy Systems business provides high-end imaging solutions that are of primary interest to life sciences research institutes. Andor offers Electron Multiplying charge-coupled device (CCD) (EMCCD), scientific CMOS (sCMOS) and CCD imaging detectors. OEM includes sales of cameras and associated products to instrumentation manufacturers. In October 2013, Andor Technology Plc acquired Spectral Applied Research Inc. In October 2013, Andor Technology plc acquired Apogee Imaging Systems Inc. more »

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Telecity Group plc provides data center services in Europe. The Company operates data center facilities in Internet hub cities across Europe. The Company operates data center portfolio in approximately seven markets in Europe, including Bulgaria, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Sweden and Turkey. The Company offers its services to approximately 200 network and mobility companies, and over 300 cloud and information technology (IT) services companies. The Company is a subsidiary of Equinix, Inc., which is a global interconnection and data center company. more »

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Fangorn 1st Feb '11 1 of 16

Am looking at Weatherly myself...alot of interesting elements. have been torturing myself over whether to dip a toe or not at current levels as it has risen alarmingly fast over the last 4 months or so. Back in august last year when Rod Webster did a presentation (just viewed it today) he mentioned that they(the company) where bemuse why no value was being given to the fact they were about to get production rolling again - market price was circa 4p back then.

Am tempted to take a small wager...

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smarm 1st Feb '11 2 of 16

In reply to Fangorn, post #1

I think the market needed to believe that management would be as good as their word.

At the AGM Webster said that they made the decision to go ahead with the mine when copper was $7000, so at $9000 they are very happy. They have now hedged 10% of 2011 production at over $9000.

The current end game is 20,000 tonnes per annum of copper for ten years but we won't get there for a while yet.

A poster on ADVFN has worked the numbers and, although only a guesstimate based on what is currently known, he has been reasonably accurate on other mining stocks, in particular Medusa. Chipperfrd gets to 38p for 2012 financial year and possibly as high as 68p for 2013 but we are porobably a little ahead of ourselves for 2011.

If you are registered then link here:


I first bought at just below 5p and I think if I were looking to buy now that I would wait for the next bit of news to move things higher (no advice intended, do your own research, for educational purposes only bla bla).

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Fangorn 2nd Feb '11 3 of 16

Appreciated Smarm..

Will do a bit more research into WTI. colourful history and always good to see customers giving support in the event of financial difficulty.

Copper strength is certainly underpinning this that's for sure.

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Fangorn 2nd Feb '11 5 of 16

thanks, will take a look.

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Fangorn 3rd Feb '11 6 of 16

An intriguing read Smarm, quite a chequered history. Encouraging to see it's close relationship with its clients though, one of whom provided financial assistance when it hit upon hard times.

am seriously interested in this one, particularly with th Copper price looking likely to remain high for the foreseeable future..One to tuck away and forget about, but I'm baulking at the current price. Will put it on my watchlist with a single figure target.

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smarm 3rd Feb '11 7 of 16

In reply to Fangorn, post #6

Interesting approach. I prefer to buy a stock when rising, so what I would probably do is buy when it breaks 15p! Indeed, I may well add to my position at that point.

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Fangorn 3rd Feb '11 8 of 16

My main focus is on a twin approach of undervalued blue chip high yielders(and other high yield stocks such as IRV, PSPI, Man, HSD, Bae) and Oilies.

My interest in miners is more as a sideline, more of a punt approach, and am loathe to "chase" those stocks that I'm interested in which seem to be subject to large hot money flows...eg Bao, WTI, Kefi, RRR, AGQ. Bought the likes of AGQ and RRR at their lows, fortunately, but the first few I've been watching and am concerned with their excessive volatility. Very much looking to buy on weakness at the mo despite being interested in the underlying story.

Main ones Im watching at the mo - Bao, Kefi, Xtr, PMG and VMP.

Am considering a punt ISA this year made up of 7 mining minnow stocks for something a bit different

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Fangorn 3rd Feb '11 9 of 16

Just come across this on Diamond Corp..very interesting read. General analyst opinion seems to be optimistic.


So another one that has piqued my interest :) So many choices....

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smarm 3rd Feb '11 10 of 16

In reply to Fangorn, post #8

Yes, sensible not to chase. If one doesn't get in early then best ton wait for facts to catch up with the price. AGQ good example.

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smarm 3rd Feb '11 11 of 16

In reply to Fangorn, post #9

Great link, thanks for that. Good news from Lace + a strong diamond price should see this one up this year. It's been volatile due to weather issues but we now have clarification all is on target. Some of my best profits have come from projects being started up again e.g. VGM and WTI

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Fangorn 4th Feb '11 12 of 16

Yeah agree.Have had the same getting in early in AGQ, RRR and VGM :)

Am wondering how much longer this commodity boom will continue for...China is looking perilously close to overheating. Will the rest of the developing world (India) be able to keep demand high sky for a while longer yet?

On the mining side I tend to look for projects that are close to entering the production phase...and that focus on Copper, Gold, Silver, Iron ore and Uranium. Have been watching the goings on at Emed with interest for example.

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ohisay 4th Feb '11 13 of 16

In reply to Fangorn, post #12

Am wondering how much longer this commodity boom will continue for...China is looking perilously close to overheating. Will the rest of the developing world (India) be able to keep demand high sky for a while longer yet?


If you've a few minutes to spare a very readable article on China. 


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smarm 4th Feb '11 14 of 16

In reply to ohisay, post #13

A good article, thank you.

The problem with copper is that it's becoming increasingly difficult to find economic deposits to mine. That alone will surely keep the price up.

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p3dr036 4th Feb '11 15 of 16

Have held EMED on & off since 2007. It's been a long wait. I was sitting on a loss in 2008 but managed to get my average price down to it's present 10.75p, by purchases at 8p & 10p in 2009 and 2010.

I am patiently waiting for the Junta de Andalucia to wake up!. I am confident that the Rio Tinto mine will re-open and that production of copper concentrate will begin. But the jury's out as to whether it will be within EMED's stated target "road map" of Commencement of Production by end 2011 or not.

To me it is worth holding on since, when production finally restarts, the EMED share price will, in my view, be at least double today's 16p and probably more. In additon the present share price has little or nothing in it either for EMED's Slovakian Gold project or their 20% interests in KEFI Minerals [which I also have held since 2009 - average price 1.75p!].

Finally EMED has the attraction of being ISA-able!

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Fangorn 4th Feb '11 16 of 16

Very interesting read, as were several other commentaries...Thanks for the link.

Copper, Uranium and Gold demand seems to be well underpinned by continuing Chinese growth it seems, even if China's GDP falters(and when I say falter I mean come in around 7-8% and not 11% we seem to see currently). Interesting to read of their significant push into Uranium and nuclear power stations as well.

Another 10-12 years of Commodity boom according to one scribbler. Intriguing......

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