Highlights from my portfolio 02/03/2011

Wednesday, Mar 02 2011 by

Things have been a bit busy.

Alterian (LON:ALN) - continues to be sickly. I should have sold but will now wait next set of numbers.

Laura Ashley (LON:ALY) have said that they are to beat expectations. Still trading in a consolidation.

Andor Technology (LON:AND) - I have bought back. Sold 456, bought back 448. The chart is not encouraging so will be out sharpish if it turns on me.

£ being shorted by hedge fund and Simon Cawkwell. Lots of press/T1ps coverage. I don't know who is right or wrong but Director's are buying stock in quite large size. I'm prepared to wait for news the satellite is operational.

£AZEM - has managed to get back over £3. Looking good.

Baobab Resources (LON:BAO) - I keep on thinking that has gone too far and selling and then buying back. Not smart trading. The news is good, perhaps I should just shut my eyes for a while.

Bango (LON:BGO) came out with a profit warning after I sold, which was smart of me or nice of it!

£CAPD isn't working for me and into a weak market I sold my remaining stock.

Carclo (LON:CAR) remains off highs. I haven't bought back the 50% I sold but am stil holding.

Cairn Energy (LON:CNE) - has been volatile but I guess we're waiting for outcome of VED deal and in the meantime the price of oil isn't hurting.

Centamin Egypt (LON:CEY) - last update I typed SEY instead of CEY. I bought because they were oversold and then I panicked when Egypt said they were banning all gold exports. The Company was fast to say it didn't impact them but I decided there are safer places for my money and sold for, er, a small loss.

Communisis (LON:CMS) has been a bit of a disaster trade. It's on a warning.

Diamondcorp (LON:DCP) has been weak since I bought back but I'm sticking with it for now.

Dialight (LON:DIA) - no words to describe it. How about: WOW.

Elementis (LON:ELM) - great results and I bought some. So far so good.

Emed Mining (LON:EMED). I bought some KEFI and then sold it as I bought at wrong time. It then bought some EMED which gives me exposure to KEFI.

First Artist (LON:FAN) - bought, sold, bought, sold. A nice trading stock.

Firestone Diamonds (LON:FDI) is pausing and I have banked a small but perfectly formed loss on my last trade.

4imprint (LON:FOUR) - good results but so far not much reaction. I guess it's been a funny week.

Fiberweb (LON:FWEB) - a bit of a disaster. Figs look good at first read but right issue at 40% discount + higher debt + 50% of their revenue costs are commodity related. Not good. I was out for breakeven. Got a roasting on a bulletin board for being negative. You couldn't make it up.

£GCL - still out and watching.

Central China Goldfields (LON:GGG) - still in and happy.

Intandem Films (LON:IFM) - up on some news. I have high hopes for that one.

Indian Energy (LON:IEL) went straight back up after I sold so I bought back and caught the rise. And then it looked weak so I sold it!

IP (LON:IPO) - well, another one I bailed out of into a weak market that went up afterwards. Who said this was easy?

Microgen (LON:MCGN) hasn't done much.

Mirada (LON:MIRA) - hasn't done much but market will need to see how many boxes have been sold before it moves.

Medusa Mining (LON:MML) - gold up, MML down. I have sold.

Omg (LON:OMG) hasn't done much.

Ormonde Mining (LON:ORM) - I bought a few and it's up nicely on a good tungsten update. Tungsten prices are strong so it's all looking good there.

Ortac Resources (LON:OTC) is a basket case. Why am I still in it?

Range Res. (LON:RRL) - Wow. Went to presentation last night and it all looks very good. Of course they now need to find some oil but the present price is somewhat underpinned by Texas and Trinidad, so it's not as risky as some pure exploration plays.

Rambler Metals (LON:RMM) looked like it was going lower so I sold but I was just ahead of news, so bad timing.

Specialist Energy (LON:SEGR) - I sold a few but the rest haven't moved.

Senior (LON:SNR) came out with good numbers but has been weak. I can fight the chart for only so long and I sold at 148. I will buy back.

Vatukoula Gold Mines (LON:VGM) - gold up, VGM down. High oil prices will hurt. I have sold.

Zanaga Iron Ore (LON:ZIOC) isn't working for me so I sold.


Please keep in mind that all comments made by Susan Marmor are for educational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice regarding the purchase or sale of securities, options, futures or any other financial instrument of any kind. Consult with your investment advisor before making an investment decision regarding any securities mentioned herein. Susan Marmor assumes no responsibility for your trading and investment results. Susan Marmor does not warrant completeness or accuracy for any observations made herein, or warrant any results from the use of the information. Susan Marmor may have a position in the securities and/or otherwise employ trading strategies that may be consistent or inconsistent with the provided strategies. There is a very high degree of risk involved in any type of trading. Past results are not indicative of future returns. Securities, options, futures and any other financial instruments can go down as well as plunge.

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Vatukoula Gold Mines plc is an investment holding company. The Company, through its subsidiaries, is engaged in exploration, discovery and development of gold mining operations. The Company focuses on its operations in the Pacific Island of Viti Levu, Fiji. The Company holds interest in the Vatukoula Gold Mine, which is an underground mine located in northern part of the island of Viti Levu, Fiji within the Tavua Basin. The Vatukoula Gold Mine is situated inside the Tavua volcano. The Vatukoula Gold Mine operates within approximately three Special Mining Leases, which cover a total area of over 1,250 hectares. In addition, the Company has the rights to explore areas outside the mining leases through Special Prospecting Licenses that cover over 19,000 hectares of the surrounding Tavua volcano. The Vatukoula Gold Mine is a producing gold mine, which encompasses approximately 4.1 million ounces of mineral resources and over 750,000 ounces of mineral reserves. more »

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Laura Ashley Holdings plc is engaged in designing and manufacturing products for home and fashion. The Company's segments include Retail and Non-Retail. The Retail segment includes sales through Laura Ashley's Managed Stores, Mail Order, e-Commerce and Hotel. The Non-Retail segment includes licensing, franchising and manufacturing. The Company's property portfolio in the United Kingdom includes approximately 190 stores. The Company's United Kingdom business includes the Home Accessories, Furniture, Decorating and Fashion categories. The Furniture product category includes upholstered and cabinet furniture, beds and mirrors. The Home Accessories product category includes lighting, gifts, bed linen, rugs, throws, cushions and children's accessories. The Decorating category includes fabric, curtains, wallpaper, paint and decorative accessories. The Fashion category includes adult fashion, fashion accessories and perfumery. The Company also holds interests in the Laura Ashley hotel. more »

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Fangorn 2nd Mar '11 1 of 10

Been trying to buy BAO myself all yesterday. Despite paying more or less at the offer, 27.7p yesterday, for the last 45 minutes of trades (when,according to some on advfn trades were going through at lower) I failed to get filled. Was only looking for small size myself 8000-10000. Bit miffed. Up a sizeable amount again today, not chasing.

Know the feeling regarding OTC- hanging tight myself. There was some decent institutional buying at 1.50 recently so Imv it will hover around these levels for a while until we get further resource news. Not as much of a dog as ECR :)

Still, fairly well diversified so fingers crossed EO pulls it's finger out - and Soco gets bid for. Oilies the way forward imv this year. That and Silver. Although AGQ has been rather sickly recently. Topped up three times around 40,41, and 42.5 mark....

Pondering what to invest in on the rare earth front currently.

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smarm 3rd Mar '11 2 of 10

I'm surprised re BAO, I have found to be quite liquid.

OTC just seems a bit overvalued to me but they can easily, they tell me, increase measured resource. I got some pre IPO so have done nicely.

Rare earths. Hmmmmm, tricky one. Every wind turbine has a pound of rare earth metals in it, and I'm told it's the magnetic quality that cannot yet be replicated. I am a pre-IPO investor in Canadian Namibia Rare Earths and they will be speaking in March, hopefully with news of the IPO. Only a small investment.

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Fangorn 3rd Mar '11 3 of 10

Yeah I'n not too impressed with the online broker I am using. Was bidding 27.7 for the last 45 minutes of trading - their quote was 26.5-27.75 or thereabouts. The offer was definitely at 27.75 - the trade was on 45mins to no avail yet, according to one advfn poster, during that time I had it active there were trades going through for 27, and even 26.75!!!! Which I find amazing as I was only bidding for 8000-10,000.

And now its up again today, not chasing it. Wasn't prepared to chase it yesterday so missed the rise. Seems to be alot of hot money there was well with the series of fairly imminent results expected over the next few months.

Not chasing stuff has stood me in good stead over the years :) Thankfully I didn't chase VMP either, what a shocker that has been......

Re OTC - I'm hoping institutional investors at 1.50 are going to hang tight, as I similarly intend to do...definitely a long term tuck em away in the bottom drawer investment imv. Only time will tell.

On the rare earth front I believe FTE have some exposure, allegedly. Seems from an initial cursory glance that most of these companies are listed in Canada!

"Canada’s Great Western Minerals Group expects to produce about 2,700 tonnes per year of rare earth metals from its Steenkampskraal mine in South Africa."


"Canada based Stans Energy Corporation is currently focused on developing mining properties in Kyrgyzstan. The company acquired the mining license for the past-producing Kutessay II rare earth mine in October 2009 and is now gathering and analyzing its historical data"

I'd be particularly interested in something revolving around that final frontier, Greenland. :)

So much to do, so little time

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smarm 3rd Mar '11 4 of 10

In reply to Fangorn, post #3

Are you using DMA for buying stocks or was it a spreadbet (BAO). No, I wouldn't chase it but the news does seem to get better and better.

I haven't really made a study of rare earth opps but will take a look.

Greenland. I've crossed everything for CNE this year. I wait.

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Fangorn 3rd Mar '11 5 of 10

I'm using TDW, on a paid in full T+3 basis. Never spreadbet..

yeah tbe BAO news , and there's alot of it still due, is looking promising.But the hot money (all those T+20's no doubt as well) is trully flowing in over the last day or so.And again today.

Rare earths more of a punt. looking to increase exposure to gold, silver, copper, iron in the main. And of course Oil.

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smarm 3rd Mar '11 6 of 10

In reply to Fangorn, post #5

So how did you not get filled? You put in a limit order, is that it?

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Fangorn 3rd Mar '11 7 of 10

Yes I put in a limit order at 27.7 - given that it traded substantially below that for the45mins my bid was live (@ 27 in 7000, @ 26.5 in 5000) I'm surprised to say the least that I was not filled.

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smarm 3rd Mar '11 8 of 10

In reply to Fangorn, post #7

Did you question TDW? I never use limit orders to buy....because I forget about them and inevitably get filled on the way down!

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Fangorn 3rd Mar '11 9 of 10

No I didn't question them as I suspect there is little point in doing so. Not as if they'd be able to fill me at my specified level as the stock was up 6% the next morning - they of course automatically cancelled the trade at the end of the trading day when the bell went.

I tend to use limits alot myself,particularly when I'm after a stock in a falling market.No way am I paying offered side.

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Dutch 17th Apr '12 10 of 10

Not sure I follow the Fiberweb debt increase comment I thought it had a net cash position. Happy to be corrected and construcyive negative views welcome to balance my rather positive one at present on this co.

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