Avacta Group (LON:AVCT) rises strongly after a distribution agreement in China and Taiwan and in belief that a US agreement will be announced soon. Optim has been developed to accelerate and reduce the cost of drug developmeent. It comprises a benchtop instrument and a single-use sample holder that will lead to recurring revenues. Distribution agreements are all very well but will sales follow. I remain invested for now.

£AZEM had a strong day and I am now just in profit. Broadly speaking it's nanotechnology, the technology they are working on allows for ever smaller chips for consumer devices.

Carclo (LON:CAR) IMS seemed fine to me but the market was expecting something else and the price fell sharply. The reason for the high valuation is the CIT product and that is not due to launch until later in the year, I banked half for 85% and will hold the rest.

Cairn Energy (LON:CNE) - I planned to sell half my CNE today but in error I sold all. India weighs on the price.  I will buy back into any further weakness.

Devro (LON:DVO) suddenly perked up and the chart is looking much better.

First Artist (LON:FAN) moves up, a lot depends on what is achieved by new management so there is nothing to do but wait.

IEnergizer (LON:IBPO) added another step to the staircase!

£NG. had a strong day but it's off its highs for the year.

Nautilus Minerals (LON:NUS) heaved down and I was tempted to sell but the PNG decision is not far away and the price may rise if the option is taken up. I have a big profit from a previous trade and am happy to wait for now.

Specialist Energy Group (LON:SEGR) gave back a lot of the rise from yesterday. I am prepared to be patient as I think this is just the start.

Range Resources (LON:RRL) is up again and I decided to take profits. I want to buy back…

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