Not exactly a week with many highlights. A few rises and a few falls.

Avacta Group (LON:AVCT) doing OK in a difficult market

£AZEM was bought a little higher but is also doing OK in a difficult market

£CAPD has been disappointing this week but I'm sticking with it

Carclo (LON:CAR) holds reasonably well after quite a rise. The technology is seriously exciting, or at least I think it is.

Chaarat Gold (LON:CGH) has been bought. It's got a good deposit. Risky but interesting.

Cairn Energy (LON:CNE) had a weak end to the weak. I'm not sure why but they've got a good drilling campaign for this year and there's really nothing left to do but sit and wait. In Feb we find out about VED deal.

Diamondcorp (LON:DCP) falls back a bit; I think that's to be expected in a weak market. I still hold.

£GCL is weaker and I have sold 2/3rds of my position with a view to buying back cheaper.

Medusa Mining (LON:MML) has fallen strongly in the past week. No idea why but I bought some today. I believe the political risk hasn't's's always been there. They are a low cost producer and they are increasing their production capability. Gold has been falling but with all the turmoil in North Africa/Middle East...can that fall really continue? As I type it has staged a recovery today.

NEOVIA Financial (LON:NEO) was bought. It's an interesting play as it expands from just dealing with gambling payments.

Nautilus Minerals (LON:NUS) was sold for 50% gain and then I bought back again today. Out 228, back in 208. If it works that will be nice. There's a broker note out giving a target of 350. That seems fanciful but if they have the resource they say they have and if they can get it onto try land....then 350 is going to look cheap. It's a waiting game and right now we wait to find out whether the PNG are going to take up their option to invest. I think…

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