It was about time this stock got delisted ands thankfully itjust happned. I am not sure wahts with the verbiage making it sound like something else is taking place - or Privatisaton as the article calls it.

The stock swam the entire time since its inception between 15-25 HKD (thats 2-3 US cents - that was cents and not dollars). The volume was also no more than €50K per day; meaning two traders buying €25K worth of stock from each other at the beginning and selling it back to each other the end of the day. The HK stock exchange has its listing rules and a stock has to meet the 25 HK cents as well as a volume minium. Cimc Tianda wasnt able to meet any of that. A purchase of this stock would have yieled a large loss of the investment, if not all of it (refs at the bottom). The company "Sharp Vision" that is supposed to take the company private is also a company incorporated in the Camen Islands and bares no relation to the japenese TV and electronics maker "Sharp".

The data was made complex and confuses any investor who would like to research it. The companys checkered history is also a serious warning sign. To understand all of it you would have to keep track of 3 companies:

Chinese International Marine - CIMC
Chinese Fire Equipment – CFE
Albert Ziegler (a German company) - AZG

In 1998 the chinese company Cimc was convicted of Industrial Espionage in the US and is currently blacklisted from doing business there (see letter from Congress from Dec. 2019 - Ref 1 below). It stole intellectual designs from a competitor by tricking its client companies into giving their airport termial bridge data for unrelated purposes. And in 2012 the German company AZG was convicted of Cartel Fraud in Germany and was sentenced to pay an €8M Fine. It spearheaded price fixing schemes for years and damaged Europeancommunities and their fire departments in the process (R2). In 2013 AZG filed for Bankruptcy protection and was purchased by CIMC for the nominal price of €50 M (Ref 2). Then CIMC went and purchased a 30% stake in a company called CFE (R3).
• So far so good. The problems however start with how CIMC purchased CFE. This is not the…

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