Pump and Dump or for real?  I am no stock expert and probably know enough to just lose a lot of money.  Also spent 28 years as a pilot for a major airline so hopefully, I can think a little because I am still alive. I am trying to figure this TPE: 2317 stock out. Apparently,  they are Apple's number one builder and have had large contracts with Apple for years.  Bloomberg predicts $214 billion revenue this year. They are the fifth largest employer in the world. Here are a few of Foxconn's ( TPE: 2317 ) contracts I am told: Apple 29.26 Billion, HP 2.77 billion, Huawei 1.32 billion, Microsoft 395 million, and the list goes on. 

   As of Friday, the stock was trading at 110.50 NTD or about $3.95 USD.  Also, FOXCONN is building a facility in Minnesota to mass produce EV's in the very near future. And more news, Foxconn produces motherboards for Intel. Long story short, this company is involved in everything, AI, EV, screens, assembly, and the kitchen sink. 

    So, here is the question I have, being relatively new in stock trading.  Does this not look like another Amazon in the makes? And why is their stock still so cheap? All of their numbers look good to my untrained brain. Looks like it should be coming up on the NASDAQ or AMEX and going vertical. Anyway, spent a lot of time on this and I really am in a quandary as to what to think. Maybe some discussion would be great here because I have much to learn.  Did I get pumped? 

Looking forward to reading what everybody has to say, Jon

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