Hi all,

I'm currently using the free trial period to figure out if Stockopedia is right for me and will help.

I currently subscribe to the FT (£478 a year) and Morning Star (£159 a year) and have achieved 10% growth in my portfolio in the last year.

Is it worth paying another £245 a year for Stockopedia ? 

What in your view does this site give you more than anywhere else and have you seen an improved growth in your portfolios as a direct result of using the services offered on this site ?

Do you feel that you have "gotten your money's worth" ?


As you may be able to tell, I decided in the end to join Stockopedia ! I read through the comments to my post and there did seem to be  overwhelming support for the site. I also used it a lot through the trial period to try and assess it as best as possible. I was also reading a book by Robbie Burns AKA The Naked Trader and there was a generous discount available so I used that and signed up. I think I made the right decision and will cancel my yearly subscription to morning star and just use the free account on that site when the current sub expires.

I still intend to keep my FT subscription as I like reading it and don't just use it for investing, however will look at some of the other sub. options when renewal comes up.

Thanks for all your comments, they have been very interesting to read.

By all means keep adding to the post, I do read all the comments.

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