Hello everyone

I hope that you are not looking for advice on how to use stop losses! Obviously that is because I am looking for advice!

I have been investing successfully in shares for 30+ years and had never considered stop losses until now. But recently I read an article in  Investors Chronicle and then I bought "The art of execution" both of which strongly advocate the use of stop losses as a way of minimising losses. I use Stockopedia's great new Stop loss alerts, which are of the trailing variety.

I would really like to hear from subscribers that use stop losses. My questions are:

1) Are your stop losses fully automatic or do you have to  instruct a trade? Why?

2) Do you treat the alerts as discretionary or mandatory? Why?

3) If discretionary, then do you sell immediately or do you wait to see if the limit is still broken at the end of the day? Why?

4) Do you make your decision to sell purely based on on the stop loss, or do you only sell if other factors such as a profit warning or a bad news release  arrive? Why?

5) How successful or unsuccessful do you consider your use of stop losses to be?

I would really appreciate your advice on this because it looks like it could be a good step forward, but only if it is done in the right way.


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