I got this idea from Mark Minervini...

Looking at which sectors are performing best can lead to new market leaders in due course. To find them follow the instructions below...

Click on the 'Home' tab then 'Browse Sectors'. You will see a long list of Industry Groups appear. Click 'Economic Sectors' and select your region of choice.

I've selected the UK. If you now click on the 'RS 3m' tab twice that will list the best performing sectors. Within that you can then select the strongest stocks, using the StockRank and helpful tools Stockopedia provides. Hopefully these stronger performing stocks within that sector will outperform the market and increase your returns.

You can also use this screening idea to find what might be the next leading Industry Groups. For example, Telecoms is doing well and digging further down Mobile Telecommunications could do well and be a market leader once the bull market resumes.

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