Hi all,

I can’t find a thread on a similar topic so starting this one. 

I have several friends who are at a similar stage in life to me and are asking me about investing in small cap stocks (I’ve told them about the wealth of knowledge in this community). Not all of them are confident to go it alone investing. Especially in small cap stocks.

I’m thinking that we might like to start a local investment club (based around knowledge from Stockopedia).  I searched online and found a few tips (such as make it fun and educational).

I’m pretty sure that there will be many people in the Stockopedia community who will have good advice to give when starting a club. I’m particularly keen that people with modest contributions can feel equally valued as those with much larger wallets, whilst being financially fair to all. 

Please feel free to post any constructive tips here. I await your thoughts/guidance. 

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