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3D Diagnostic Imaging (3D.P 16p/£17.28m)  

Last week PLUS quoted 3D Diagnostic Imaging’s CarieScan division announced that it has signed an exclusive agreement with Patterson Dental, for the distribution of the company's CarieScan PRO in the USA. 3D Diagnostic Imaging operates through its wholly owned subsidiary, CarieScan Limited. CarieScan has launched a dental caries detection device, the CarieScan PRO, which offers early detection of caries. The CarieScan PRO can measure the carious state of teeth early to initiate remedial (preventive) treatment. It also enables detection of the hidden lesions extending into dentine. Patterson Dental is the largest distributor of dental equipment in North America with revenues in the 2009 financial year in excess of $2.1bn. The USA is considered to be one of the World's largest homogenous dental markets and is served by over 165,000 dental practices. The share price increased from 15.5p to 16p on the news. In fact the share price has nearly doubled from 9 pence when we last wrote on the stock in May 2010. 

Elektron (LON:EKT) (EKT 22p/£19.6m)  

This is the first time that we have commented on Elektron, although it has been on our radar for a little while. Elektron plc is a technology based provider of engineered solutions, with a particular emphasis on high margin products for global markets. The company invests significant sums in both in-house innovation (£1.8m budgeted technical spend for the current year) and in third party independent companies that possess technologies management considers attractive and of potential benefit to the group’s entities.

The company released its results for the year ended 31 January 2010 on 10 June which showed that whilst its sales had fallen from £35.6m to £29.9m, a loss of £2.03m was turned into a profit of £291,000. This performance was all the more remarkable in light of the fact that it occurred during a period of severe market distortion and economic depression. This turnaround is a direct result of the material transformation of the group’s operations caused by the cost cutting actions taken by the foresighted management team at the beginning of the downturn.

It is worth noting the significant improvement in gross profit margins over the 6 months to Jan 2010 compared to the same 6 month period a year earlier,…

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