With no news for stocks in my universe this morning, just thought I would throw this out for comment - A little something different for the weekend.

Note: This is something I intend to trade on a small Spread Bet account going forward, to keep a "real world" eye on progress (hopefully, starting next week (still a couple of decisions and final points to confirm, perhaps you can help, see below)).

This is the start of my venture into £500m - £1bn Mkt Cap (liquid enough to Spread Bet, small enough to potentially double) shares using a Technical screen as my starting point. Usually, I don't invest in a share with a Mkt Cap greater than £500m.


Basics are Price is above the 50 SMA, which is above the 130 SMA, which is above the 200 SMA. The 52 week high is at least 50% higher than the 52 week low and current price is within 25% of the 52 week high. One temporary rule: Price is below 500p (to allow me to place “play” Spread Bets for now).

Here's the screen if you're interested.

Current offerings and thoughts.

AO World (LON:AO.) – Revenue is going up (but nothing dramatic) but it's never made a profit and not even forecast to do so until at least 2019 - Pass on this for now.

CMC Markets (LON:CMCX) – Most recent actuals (Revenue, PBT and EPS) are down and the nearest forecasts are not exactly inspiring - On the plus side Op Mgn and ROCE are very good and stable plus there's a decent yield - They may be enough to drive the price higher but would prefer to see better Revenue, PBT and EPS, both actual and forecast - Pass on this for now.

Faroe Petroleum (LON:FPM) – Not yet making a profit but a big improvement in the most recent actuals and forecast to grow well in 2018 and 2019 (although it's strange that 2018 EPS is so low) - KICKER - With Net Cash looks like a profitable Oil & Gas company that will require no more funding - Entry at the most recent high - 145p?

Hurricane Energy (LON:HUR) – Most recent actuals…

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