Morning all!

A quiet end to the week with nothing to report.


As most or all of you are aware, the Stockopedia Discussion is going to be subscriber only from Saturday 13th April.

That means that, from Monday 15th April, only subscribers will be able to access this morning report on Stockopedia.

It is my intention, for now, to keep posting the morning report on Stockopedia and my own website Briefed Up (as I have been doing for almost 2 years now).   I post on my own website to ensure I have a personal record of my reports and to maintain a stock specific "time-line" of my historic notes. As well as the morning reports I also share my monthly updates and Parity PEG Price Reports on my website.

I welcome Stockopedia subscribers and non-subscribers alike to check out the site.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who has supported and commented on these reports over the years. I look forward to it continuing here as long as it is welcomed by existing and new Stockopedia subscribers.

Great weekend to all and, as always, all comment most welcome!

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