Hope you all had a great weekend!

Decided to change the title - Did want to use this title originally but thought it wouldn't be understood or go down well, didn't even know if I would continue with the report - But, there was some discussion on the title the other day so now it will be "I Read The News Today Oh Boy!" ripped off from the Beatles A Day In The Life - Thanks guys!

Anyway, had a nightmare here this morning, Investegate (my main go to news feed) was not working for me (still isn’t) – The main London Stock Exchange site is working but I cannot find news for some of the companies I was expecting to find news for – (Also checked lse.co.uk to no avail).

So, here’s my hand cuffed comment for the day, including those companies I could find no news for...

ECSC (ECSC)(Couldn’t find any news) - Slightly under my usual £20m Mkt Cap limit, this one is currently £17.5m but was double (almost treble) that a few months ago. It’s a loss making Cyber security company which does however seem to have enough cash (about £5m) to operate for some time, projected -£1.8m loss for the current year. Estimated to make a profit in 2018 – If it does, I may miss some of the move but the risk will be much less than it is now, should I then decide to take part.  Actually quite strange as all I could find, at a quick glance, relating to the price fall is some options scheme (319,758 shares, less than a 3% dilution) – A strange one for me, maybe the more educated have a comment here!

Real Good Food (RGD)(Couldn’t find any news) - Last week this food manufacturing and distribution company would have been under my radar. The rise last week means the current Mkt Cap is £21.6m.  Another kind of Stock Report I don’t particularly like – No consistency in Profits, poor ROCE, no Dividend and debt about 50% of Mkt Cap. Surely, I can find better shares than this to invest in! Stockopedia classes this a Speculative Contrarian play, that looks appropriate. I was going to comment here, on the assumption good news was announced today – Is there some insider dealing going…

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