A reasonably quiet day…

Allied Minds (ALM)Half Year Report To End June 2017 - An IP commercialisation company, what? OK, it seems like it provides support and funds for projects in the life sciences sector, fair enough! My simple take here is, it’s never made a profit but it does have over £200m in cash. However, it is eating through about £100m a year.  This cash I am guessing comes from ongoing projects (the successful ones) and the losses are coming from the unsuccessful ones, perhaps! It seems a case of - If they hit a big winner this will fly (or that area will be sold off for a nice cash windfall), if not, then what? It was trading 4x higher than it is now in April 2015 – Why? A tough one for me to work out, perhaps someone closer to the coal face can add something here.  Even after reading this latest half year report I am not, as I expected, any wiser.

CPP Group (CPP) – (Couldn’t find any news) - This share has the Stockpedia Risk Rating of “Highly Speculative” and it deserves it - Check a 5 year chart! Also, check out the Profit/Loss year on year, no wonder it’s Highly Speculative. ROCE over the past 5 years ranges from -472.7 to +181. When I see a mess like this I just get concerned and usually walk away. The most recent SCVR by Graham in March this year calls it “a rather complicated situation” and explains part of the reasoning behind the volatility - Worth a read if you’re interested here, I am not!

Mincon Group (MCON)2017 Half Year Financial Results (To End June 2017) – A rather decent statement! Nice increase in Revenue of +29% (+23% CC) and PBT (and EPS) of +26% - For this Irish engineering group specialising in the design, manufacture, sale and servicing of rock drilling tools and associated products. I’ve had this as “worth a look” since the beginning of the year and never looked into further. With this impressive statement there’s quite a lot to like here, Stock Rank is 82, PER is 19 (maybe a little rich), Operating Margin 13%, ROCE 9%, has cash (15% of Mkt Cap) and a small (2%) but well covered Dividend. Tempted here!…

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