Morning all – Hope you had a great weekend.

Avingtrans (AVG)Expected some, but could not find any news this morning - Anyway, here’s some notes I made... Call me old fashioned but when I see Revenues/Profits that look like this 2014 £60m/£2.91, 2015 £22.6m/£1.77m, 2016 £21.2m/£31.1m I just think – What?  Just can’t bring myself to look into things like this any further, I much prefer companies with steady figures which are a little more simple and predictable than this.

Cyanconnode Holdings (CYAN)Expected some, but could not find any news this morning - Anyway, here’s some notes I made... A Highly Speculative Sucker Stock with a Stock Rank of 4. This is a loss making Aim listed technology company – Ten a penny, I’ll wait until it at least shows a profit before showing any interest.

Gfinity (GFIN)Formula 1 Partnership – Can't help but notice that this loss making provider and broadcaster of e-Sports competitions keeps making interesting announcements. Against many of my rules - Even tempted here myself to take a small speculative position as it does seem the interest in online gaming (watching it - How sad!) is increasing.

Global Ports Holding (GPH)Half Year Report – This report from the world's largest independent cruise port operator seems a little mixed to me. LFL Passenger/Cargo up, Revenue down and a Loss not a Profit (“Loss after tax for the period was USD 6.7m (H1 2016: Profit after tax for the period: USD 0.4m) which included USD 15.1m amortisation expense in relation to Port Operation Rights”). I think if I was a holder, on a PER of 17 and Debt 50% of Mkt Cap (it's ROCE is consistently less than 3.5%) - I would be a little concerned here.

Headlam (HEAD)Interim Results To End June 2017 - Europe's largest distributor of floor coverings provides a half decent update here.  Revenue up 2.6% CC, Profit up 11.4% and Interim dividend up 11%.  On a PER of 13.8 this is probably fairly priced around these levels.  With a Stock Rank of 95, a decent cash pile and a well covered 4% yield it could be of interest to income seekers.

NWF (NWF)Expected some, but could not…

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