Morning all!

Boku Inc ( Boku Inc (LON:BOKU) ) – 131p – £320m – PER 57

AGM Statement And Trading Update – 2019 in-line, will hit at least $52m in Revenue. There's also a new partnership and integration annouced today.

Having attended the presentation at Mello I bought in here. Not my usual purchase as it required faith in growth kicking in in 2 years time, this update and other 2 annoucements seem quite reassuring.

Medica Group ( Medica (LON:MGP) ) – 152p – £169m – PER 17.7

AGM Statement And Trading Update – 2019 started well, trading in-line, expects FY to be in-line. CEO replacement annouced, seems smooth and friendly.

Looks about fairly priced here (at best) based on the Stockopedia forecasts.

Volvere ( Volvere (LON:VLE) ) – 1125p – £35m – PER 16.4

Results For The 12 Months To End December 2018 – A steady ship – To quote the CEO "Group net assets at record £40.4m and £34.1m of cash. What is not to like" - NAV is £12.50.

I sold out here last wondering what they were going to do with the cash pile – Should have been more patient! 

As always, all comment most welcome!

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