Morning all!

CML Microsystems ( Cml Microsystems (LON:CML) ) – 307p – £52m – PER 23

Trading Update For The 6 Months To End September 2019 – Stable, in-line with previous 6 months, expects to report H1 Revenue of £13.1m and H1 PBT of circa £0.9m, Net Cash currently at £11.2m.

Still can’t get interested here at all, not at this valuation.

Devro ( Devro (LON:DVO) ) – 169p – £282m – PER 10

Q3 Trading Update – FY broadly unchanged.

Net Debt and unexciting outlook just make me, well, unexcited.

Flowtech Fluidpower ( Flowtech Fluidpower (LON:FLO) ) – 109p – £66m – PER 7

Q3 Trading Update – Revenue up 5.8%, Net Debt up even more, from £17.6m to £19.1m (they omitted that percentage!).

Still quite like this old holding of mine but, there’s not enough for me just yet, to be become a holder once again.

Gear4Music ( Gear4music Holdings (LON:G4M) ) – 203p – £42m – PER 47

Trading Update For The 6 Months To End September 2019 – Revenue up 16%, Gross Profit up 29%, trading continues to be in-line.

Looks much better, but most unlikely I will go nowhere near this until see FY actuals, who knows how that “seasonal peak” mentioned, will pan out!

K3 Business Technology ( K3 Business Technology (LON:KBT) ) – 211p – £91m – PER 22

Trading Update For The 12 Months To End November 2019 – Results to be significantly below current market expectations, Adjusted Operating Profit of circa £1.5m.

Ouch, this looks like a huge miss! H2 weighting mentioned 4 months ago, a case of waiting to see how the dust settles here now.

McBride ( Mcbride (LON:MCB) ) – 68p – £125m – PER 8

AGM Trading Update – Cautiously expects FY to be in-line (H2 weighting).

I remain uninterested here at present, look at that Net Debt!

Vianet ( Vianet (LON:VNET) ) – 123p – £35m – PER 13

Trading Update For The 12 Months To End September 2019 – In-line with market expectations.

I like the growth expectations here for next year but would like to see broker coverage for the following year, as they don’t look particularly inspiring on Stockopedia at present.

As always,…

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