Morning All!

Returning back a little to the original format as it’s just impossible to apply the new format when there’s a lot of news (like today again).

I was also struggling to focus on monitoring events (I wanted to) at market open (the main point of getting up at this time!).

So, here we go – All comments and input, as always, most welcome.

Appscatter (APPS)

Interim Results For The 6 Months Ended June 2017 – Maiden Revenue reported and has “10,000 businesses registered to use (their) platform”. H2 has started strongly and there’s Net Cash of £6.5m. It made a Loss of £8.79m in 2016 so needs to start not only increasing Revenues but reducing Losses.

Crawshaw (CRAW)

Interim Results For The 6 Months Ended July 2017 – Revenue up 2.3%, Loss Before Tax up from £0.4m to £1.2m – There’s £6.8m in Net Cash. The CEO remains excited by “our 2Sisters supply agreement”. Loss making since 2015 and not forecast to make a Profit until at least 2020, perhaps worth just keeping an eye on news of that supply agreement.

K3 Business Technology (KBT)

Results For The 6 and 12 Months Ended June 2017 – 12 month Revenue down from £89.2m to £84.6m and Loss Before Tax £10.56m versus a £4.53m Profit last time. The company was “adversely affected by the difficulties experienced in the Group's Enterprise activities.  In particular, a number of high value contract tenders did not close as expected. However, we have also made strong progress in reshaping the business over the last twelve months to create a more unified and streamlined Group, refocused on our core SME marketplace, which generates the majority of K3's recurring revenues” – For me, it’s time to wait for future updates.

Avingtrans (AVG)

Interim Results For The 12 Months Ended May 2017 – May!  Revenue up 7% (£22.7m) and PBT up from £0.1m to £0.3m. I just don’t like the overall mish-mash here - Revenues/Profits like this 2014 £60m/£2.91, 2015 £22.6m/£1.77m, 2016 £21.2m/£31.1m I just think – What?  I just can’t bring myself to look into things like this any further, I much prefer looking at companies with steady figures which may be a…

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